Microsoft's latest advert reminds the world why technology (and developers) rocks

Posted on Sunday, 2nd February 2014

I logged into Facebook this evening to see a new Microsoft advert visible on my news stream. Having grimaced at Microsoft’s recent adverts that do nothing but fire low, unprofessional blows at competitors, reminiscent of an Apple keynote making desperate attacks at Android (rather than demonstrate why as consumers, we should favour their products over others) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue. But, with the accompanying text enticingly reading “Without developers, a lot of this technology would just be dreams. You help make dreams come true. For those about to code, we salute you!”; how could I not?!

Bravo Microsoft, I loved this advert. It was incredibly moving and highlighted how important software and technology is to the world - something that is so easily forgotten, helped by the fact it’s so silently prevalent; until we experience a power cut or broadband outage and suddenly realise how much it enriches our lives.