ReSharper not running your unit tests? This could be why...

Posted on Monday, 20th October 2014

Just last week I had an issue with ReSharper where it flat out refused to run my collection of unit tests. It was working fine, then suddenly it stopped and the bar within ReSharper’s unit test window stayed grey whilst the spinning icon endlessly span within the parent unit class project.

After scratching my head trying to figure out what could have gone wrong, and trying multiple solutions following a bit of Google-fu (such as restarting Visual Studio, rebuilding my solution, running Visual Studio in administration mode and even restarting my computer) - I will still no closer to getting my unit tests running.

Eventually I managed to figure out what the problem was after I remembered that ReSharper had a cache that could be cleared from within ReSharper’s options (Resharper > Options > Environment > General > Clear Cache), and after clearing ReSharper’s cache and restarting Visual Studio I was able to run my unit tests once again without any hiccups.

It turns out that something must have happened that caused a corruption within ReSharper’s cache resulting in it ignoring my unit tests.

Whilst I know this blog post is trivial, I know I’ll most likely run into this issue again and feel I best document it just in case anyone else is experiencing similar issues.